Wireline Outside Plant

WYCO has the unique ability to deliver a wide range of network construction projects. As a true turnkey provider, we can execute on all stages of the project cycle including:

  • Engineering and Design
  • Permitting
  • Program and Project Management
  • Network and Civil construction
  • Construction Management/Inspection
  • Directional Drilling, Plow, Trench and Aerial Installation
  • Change management: moves, adds, changes
  • 24/7 on call emergency response
  • Lifecycle network maintenance

WYCO’s management team has been building networks for the past 30 years.  Many of our project supervisors have 20 years + experience starting as aerial linemen.  WYCO provides a modified turnkey or labor only construction services.  Our fiber placement crews, electrical installers, structural crews, and wireless installers provide “cradle to the grave” construction.  Our construction managers work closely with the regulatory and municipal authorities.  Our goals with these authorities is to communicate, schedule, follow code, and leave the job clean and restored.  Our goals when starting and completing a job is provide our clients with a quality product while keeping the authorities happy and leaving the project with a reputation of excellence.  All of our crews are provided with supervisors who report to construction managers.

Fiber Placement Underground/Aerial

WYCO’s underground teams are provided with a fleet of the most up to date equipment in various underground placement methods (plow, trench, pneumatic boring, and directional drilling).  Each of our crews are supported with the necessary support crews to provide tie-ins, vaults, fiber pulling and complete restoration.  All working to keep your project on-time and within budget.

Our aerial operation, much like our underground operation, is provided with a fleet of equipment.  We can provide strand installation, overlashing, and ADSS installation.  Our team is trained in proper NESC installation methods to ensure proper placement of all hardware within the established guidelines.  We work with the pole owners to ensure we are following their processes.