At WYCO safety comes first, there are many benefits of maintaining and enforcing a companywide safety program but none more important than providing protecting our workers. WYCO believes in sending our employee’s home in the same condition they arrived.  At WYCO we believe that a safe employee is a more productive employee and will increase overall corporate morale avoiding employee absences, staff turnover and improving the quality of the overall work product.

WYCO has implemented the following to ensure a successful corporate safety program adaptable to any project.

  • Pre-employment background checks and testing.
  • Written Safety and Health Program requiring all staff to read, sign, and follow daily.
  • Assigned corporate safety manager in-charge of overall safety program including enforcement with managers, supervisors, crew leads, skilled labor and general labor.
  • Ongoing evaluation of site safety and health procedures with associated documentation.
  • Written maintenance and repair procedures. Daily equipment inspections.
  • Emergency response procedures documented and distributed to all staff.
  • Weekly safety meetings documented.
  • Ongoing safety training (CPR, OSHA, etc.).

At WYCO, an ongoing safety program that implements the components of change and turning the corner toward improvement is only two thirds of the battle; sustainability is the final third and it’s the difference between continuous safety improvement on a project and going right back to where you started, or worse.

Our safety program pays specific attention to the concept of the communication key. The relationships and accountability driving this are significant to the continued success of a program. Ignoring this step fosters working in a vacuum and the creation of a gap between project managers and safety representatives.

WYCO remembers that the employees are the most important part of any safety program and when they are empowered and have positivity toward success and improvement, the process of maintaining program sustainability is much more manageable.